Walsh and Company Landscape Maintenance Reviews

I Would Highly Recommend this Company!

I had a leak in one of my sprinkler zones and could not locate it. I had two other companies come out and they could not even locate the control value box.
I had Bob from Walsh come out and he located it in less than 10 minutes. He found the problem and repaired it in no time and the cost was very fair. I should have called them in the first place it would have saved me money and time.

I would highly recommend this company!

Thanks, Bob for being very professional and explaining each step to me to make sure I understood what the problem was.

Eva M. - Vancouver, WA

I Highly Recommend their Services.

After 7 years of being loyal to another local landscaper, I needed to make a switch. So glad that we connected with Walsh & Company. My experience over the last 2 months is that they are great communicators, their service techs have gotten back to me promptly via text messaging, and they stayed on the last two occasions until the job was done right. I highly recommend their services.

Jim F. - Brush Prairie, WA

Very Timely and Professional

I've had this company do several projects for me. Bob is usually the one who gets back to me immediately and communicates with me exceptionally! I have a pond that has been a constant source of irritation for me and these guys have been Johnny on the spot to fix it in a very timely and professional manner. I recommend them and would use them for landscaping and backflow testing!

Teresa H.

Responsive to Customer Needs and VERY REASONABLY Priced

FOR JUST A FEW BUCKS MORE!! That's right, I said a FEW bucks more (not millionaires bucks...working guy's bucks). My wife and I decided to get a landscape service again to mow lawns and trim. I called a service that we had used before and were relatively satisfied with and asked for an estimate and saw Walsh & Co. on Yelp and decided to give them a call as well.

We got an estimate from our prior company, and then Justin came to the house to do a survey. He told me that we would receive an estimate by email soon. This was an extremely professional estimate that laid our an entire year's worth of work including during the "slow" winter months. It told how many times a month they would provide service and what those services would be. These services included many things that our old company did not do "for a few bucks less". They fertilize, do weeding in our flower beds (no kidding!) and do a marvelous job of general upkeep in our yard.

Recently my work schedule changed and I called Justin to ask if his crew could get to the house a little later to allow me to sleep, and they accommodated my schedule with no questions asked. They are responsive to customer needs and VERY REASONABLY priced. I wish there were some extra stars to give them in this rating...I'll see if I can buy some for A FEW BUCKS MORE!!!
BOTTOM LINE...these guys are the best!!!

Peter P. - Camas, WA

Great Customer Service

Felix was wonderful. He came out within 2 hours when no one else would even return my phone calls. For years, I have had many different people try to fix my system with unsatisfactory results. He saw the problem and recommended a solution. He told me he felt I could do it and it would cost a lot less for the supplies versus him doing it. He showed me what was needed and how easy it was to do and where to get the materials. He was right. The system works great. Thank you, Felix, for your great customer service.

Sandy Burckhard

Consistent and Conscientious

Matt Walsh is great to work with. His crews maintain the landscaping on two of our commercial properties. They are consistent and conscientious.

We just had a sprinkler system installed in our yard at home and it works great. I wish I had it done 15 years ago. Walsh's experienced irrigation crews were very efficient and detailed on the installation.

R. Tom Smith

Timely, Thorough, and Always do a Great Job

We hired Walsh & Company to keep the landscaping clean and tidy around the commercial building I manage. They are timely, thorough, and always do a great job. So very glad we use them and I would highly recommend them to others.

Theresa Carson

Worked with this Company for over 9 Years

Have worked with this company for over 9 years. They have done a great job maintaining our commercial and residential properties. I would highly recommend them!

Vince Herschell

Made a Big Difference in the Appearance of our Yard

We hired Walsh on the recommendation of friends. They have been great about not only keeping the yard tidy and HOA-approved but have been actually fixing our sad, pathetic, lawn issues. The moss problem is almost gone, the patch of parasitic crabgrass is going away, and the bare patches are filling in. Who knows, in a couple of weeks we may get the award for Prettiest Grass in the Neighborhood. If there is no such award, we may create one and bestow it upon ourselves.

The crew is prompt, fast (important because I work at home and mowers and trimmers interrupt my work day) and clean. They leave no trace that they were there except for the uniform wheel tracks in the lawn - all the trimmings and stuff go with them. They have answered all of our Stupid Homeowner questions and have been extremely helpful.

These guys have been a nice balance between a simple lawn-mowing service and a chemical service (like Scott's or Tru-Green that doesn't mow and merely treats your grass) that has actually made a big difference in the appearance of our yard.

Elizabeth R. - Vancouver, WA